Welcome to PROD Programme in partnership with Handmade Change

The PROD [product design, research and opportunity development) Programme
is an outreach project run as part of Montebello Design Centre as part of their mandate to promote Craft and Design in Africa.
It is run as a joint venture between Montebello design Centre and Handmade Change.


Our Aims:

We work in the Hand Craft Sector in Africa to promote Design, Art and Craft

We work to:

  • Preserve Fragile Cultures,
  • create Heritage awareness,
  • Conserve natural resources,
  • Supplement livelihoods form craft,
  • Preserve traditional skills, crafts and technologies.
  • sustainable products on a viable business model.

We achieve this by finding the most Appropriate Technologies and approach to all these for every intervention.

"...appropriate technology is often something described as using the simplest level of technology

that can effectively achieve the intended purpose in a particular location..."


Current Project

Conservation International:

Western Kgalagadi Conservation Corridor Craft Strategy

Western Kgalagadi Conservation Corridor project to contribute to community development through the sustainable use of natural resources and to provide capacity building within communities.

Conservation International (CI) is supporting the development and implementation of a craft strategy within the project area. more..


Previous Project

Richtersveld Kuboes 2008/9

The most recent project was for Conservation International In the Richtersveld area of the Northern Cape South Africa. The work was done for SKEPPIES 

Sitalli Jewelers became involved towards the end of the project and developed a range of Jewelery with the crafters in the community . more...

Sponsors  and  Donors


Tracks4Africa; Making Africa Visible and Accessible


OneSight Africa Sponsor of the Handmade Change "Reading Glasses is Working Glasses" Apropriate technology interventions.


Wondertape for Emergency repairs and more!


Just Promotions provider of promotional and corporate branding.



Mechanical Expedition Support Crew


Expedition Stills Photography

Product Photography and Editing




Project Management and Logistical Support


We are looking for:

  • Sponsors for equipment and teaching aids for Botswana trips.
  • Sponsors for reading glasses  for Botswana trips.
  • Collaborators on Photographic and Video documentary coverage of Botswana trips.
  • Establish Craft /D├ęcor/ designers producers, that would like to be involved with our Work with the Communities of craters in Botswana.
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